Making my own slipcover… Do I dare?


I was on Pinterest this afternoon killing time and came across several tutorials for making your own sofa slipcovers.  I have an old wood frame sofa that is already slip covered, as seen here:

It is not all that awful in person, just a little dated.  I want something neutral.  I have thought often about taking the slipcover apart and using it for a pattern for a new one… but then I worried about what I would do in the meantime to cover the sofa (did I mention it looks like dorm furniture when it is not covered?  Seriously, the boy said it looked like firewood on the day we moved in.)… and what if I failed miserably???  Then I have torn up the slip cover and would have to pay someone to make it or buy a whole new sofa.  The boy wouldn’t go for either of those options, so I put my plans on the back burner fearing the worst would happen.

I have a sewing machine, but my skills are super limited.   Then I saw this blog:

How to make a couch slipcover, part 2 | HoneyBear Lane.

Seems easy enough… and even she professes to have limited sewing skills.  A pillow I can make (I think). Plus, I have a mom who has excellent sewing skills, and an endless amount of canvas drop cloths left over from making curtains.

So, the question of the day is do I try it?


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