The eagle has landed…


That is what I keep telling the boy each time I walk in our living room.   He, however, has taken to calling me an Indian giver.  You see,  I told him that I had found him some lamps for his man’s room (AKA the den).  I thought the eagles made these brassy beauties kind of manly.

Here is the before… (please excuse the Iphone photos and the Christmas clutter in the background)

ImageSo lovely… right?  They were $4 each at Goodwill.  I saw them one day last week, rolled my eyes and moved on.  Then a few days later, I thought about them again and wondered how they might look painted glossy white. I figured there was no harm in spending the $8 and taking a chance. NYE morning, I went outside with my can of primer and glossy white… and woohoo!  I was impatient, so other than a wipe down with Simple Green and taping the electrical parts, I did not do any prepping.  If I were to have done everything by the book, I should have hit the metal and wood with steel wool to ensure the paint would adhere.

ImageThe shades were $14… a purchase I had made for some other thrift store beauties, but they were too small.  Please excuse the wrappers that are still on them. I took the photo before I was certain I was going to keep the shades.  Perfect fit for these guys.   Here is another shot of the lamps all lit up at night.

ImageBecause I thrive on instant gratification, I put them on the sofa table in our living room just to see how they looked… and you know what, I fell in love with them.  When I showed them to the boy, he responded by saying that he thought they were for him.  I hemmed and hawed… and then he called me an Indian giver.  Not nice, right?

I told him he could have them once I found something comparable for that space.  Secretly, however, I am hoping that he forgets. Who knows… maybe Goodwill have has some other lovelies that are more manly and in need of a makeover???


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