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Our first post of sorts…


So, we’ve decided to start blogging.  Well, at least half of us has started blogging. The other half is watching James Taylor on PBS.  I hate James Taylor… so much so that I instantly threaten to poke sharp objects in my eyes or ears when subjected to his music.  Yes, I am from North Carolina and I strongly dislike James Taylor.  Sleepy music I call it.

What are we going to talk about here… other than my strong dislike of sleepy music???  We have a new marriage, new home and lots of beautiful WNC roads for riding motorcycles, and I really need to pick a freakin’ paint color for the kitchen.

Occasionally, I might also feel the urge to blog about the goings on next door.  Yes, I spy on my neighbors.  I am not too proud to admit it.  They provide us with some really nice entertainment.  Did I mention we just bought a house in the last year?  We have decorating projects, home improvement needs, and bills… so free entertainment is welcome around here.

I like to cook, and the boy likes to eat.  He, too, likes to cook, but he is southern… so we are talking fried foods.  He makes a mean frogmore stew and salmon patties and grits, though.  We made crab cakes, steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce and orzo last night.  Yummy! So, we will throw out a recipe every now and again, I’m sure.

Till next time…